With our brands, we cover the complete range of demand from retail trade, to the hospitality industry, to the bulk-consumers.

We sell our cheese specialities under the BMI-BioBauern and Paladin brands. The Paladin brand, with its red cows, has already celebrated its 50th anniversary and is widely distributed, especially in Eastern Europe.

Our cheese brand Paladin has been in the European market for more than 50 years. Whether it is Butterkäse Tölzer Art, Regina Blu, Crémonté, or Bajuval – the unmistakably elegant taste and the traditional production process provided by our experienced master cheese makers characterize our versatile assortment.

Best Organic-Quality for over 20 Years

In 1993, our cooperative entered the organic dry powder market as one of the first producers. Since then, we have continually expanded our offerings. We stand as a pioneer for responsibly produced and manufactured milk of organic quality. In addition to organic ingredients, we provide tasty BMI BioBauern brand cheese products of the best organic quality to our consumers.