Because we process a natural product, we attach great importance to sustainable development, especially in the ecological area. Only then can an environment be preserved in which future generations can live in harmony with animals and nature.

Our farmers, who are very close to nature due to their job, also see that. We support them in producing milk without the use of genetically modified feed and are steadily expanding the supply of "GMO-free milk." Almost all the our raw milk supplied from conventional production already comes from GMO-free feeding.

BIOLAND Certified Farmers

Also in the organic sector, we prioritize large processing capacities, a broad product portfolio, and a secure supply of raw materials. In addition, many BMI farmers are switching from conventional to organic milk production and are now certified as BIOLAND. They manage their farm according to the standards of the association.

Additional requirements are in the areas of animal husbandry, animal health, handling, feeding, working conditions, and packaging. This standard of care is not only good for animals and the environment, but also meets the wishes of many consumers.

Corporate Environmental Protection

At our plants, too, we are consistently advancing corporate environmental protection. We continuously work on improving energy consumption and reducing energy costs, we pay attention to the energy efficiency of our plants and the optimization of processes and procedures.

To this end, we expanded the ISO 50001 energy management system introduced in 2012 with an ISO 14001 certifiable environmental management system. BMI is also registered with SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) and is committed to ethical and social sustainability.

In addition, we have codified the careful use of natural resources in the guidelines of our company.

Protection of Resources

To protect resources and limit environmental impact, we collect relevant information which are carefully evaluated, documented and communicated. For continually improvement, we formulate strategic and operational goals, implement these and try to deliver the necessary resources.

To support our milk suppliers, we strive to safeguard and improve the health and living environment of the animals.Therefore, a consistent fight against land grabbing has the highest priority. Because only if sufficient fertile soil is available, it will be possible for our farmers to produce the valuable raw material milk in the future as well.