Our producers are about 450 German milk farmers, mainly from Bavaria, Thuringia, and Saxony-Anhalt. Among them are family businesses and agricultural enterprises, farms with conventional management and organic farmers, specialists and generalists. This diversity makes us different and enables us to develop differentiated concepts for our customers.

Feeding without genetic engineering

Many consumers strictly reject the use of genetic engineering in food production. We support our farmers' production of milk without the use of genetically modified feed and continue to increase our product offerings for milk without genetic engineering. More than half of our raw milk out of conventional production originates from GMO-free feeding (State: 2017). The raw material is processed in BMI plants that are all certified according to the standard of the VLOG (Verband Lebensmittel ohne Gentechnik = association of GMO-free food products).

Precious organic raw material

In the popular organic sector, we succeed particularly due to our large and variable processing capacity, a broad product portfolio, and, last but not least, a safe supply of raw material. Furthermore, some BMI farmers have shifted from conventional to ecological milk production.

An important partner for us in the organic sector is BIOLAND. All organic farmers that supply their milk to our cooperative are BIOLAND certified or acknowledged by BIOLAND and run their farms according to the valid regulations of the association, including additional requirements in the sectors of animal husbandry, animal health, treatment, feeding, working conditions, and packaging. These requirements are not only good for the animals and the environment, but also correspond to the wishes of many consumers.